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The recent introduction of the miniature AirWire CONVRTR in combination with

advances in battery technology have made RC-battery-sound installations

possible in diminutive On3 or On30 locomotives.  Compact 11.1 volt Lithium-ion

batteries allow run times that will exceed your stamina.

Raido control (often called Dead Rail) turns a new page in layout design.

Prototypical track work, like a Y, 3-way switch, turntable or a balloon track (reverse loop),

is a no brainer.  Track wiring and the associated track continuity & polarity problems are


Typical smaller scale installations like (On3) utilize the AirWire Convrtr,

Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder, 800-1,200 mAh 11.1 volt Li-ion batteries and high quality

mega-bass speaker(s).  In most installations, batteries are located for quick change out which allows unlimited all day running.

Our F scale installations usually include the AirWire G3, Phoenix Sound decoder,

high quality speaker(s) and 14.8 Lithium-ion batteries.  In a tight installations (small prototype) the Soundtraxx decoders can be used with the Convrtr radio receiver.

Custom installations for locomotives in 1/48 scale (O, On3, On30)

through 1:20.3 (F scale)

Specializing in brass and/or die cast locomotives.

Dead Rail - Radio Control

On board battery powered wireless control of locomotive sounds, motion,

lighting & animations.